Dissertation Serialisation

Over the next 9 or so posts (no timeline on this, and when you see the amount, you’ll know why!) I’ll be serialising my MSc Sport Coaching dissertation, which explores leadership in team sports, particularly how it is developed at an elite youth level.

This was completed peak pandemic between 2019-2021 with Leeds Beckett University and in fact was my first taste of university life, meaning that some of the writing and formatting may be a little ropey – but I hope it’s helpful, nonetheless. This is a culmination of hours of recording interviews and editing on top of doing the ACTUAL research, giving a complete work of 90,000+ words and a lot of sleepless nights.

Some of the content in here contains academic research but also interviews with Premier League, Football League and International football coaches who’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the game, from Premier League and England regulars and even a World Cup winner too.

Each Thursday I will post a piece, with ‘Part 1’ covering my main introduction, followed weekly by posts covering; a literature review, some interview content with coaches and of course, the results and analysis of the whole piece.

I hope you find value in what you’ll be reading over the coming weeks.

Thanks as ever


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